Phosphatbinder Binds phosphate with natural means

Phosphatbinder 90g (1 Piece)
Phosphatbinder 90g (1 Piece)
Phosphatbinder 90g (1 Piece)
Phosphatbinder 90g (1 Piece)
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Natural supplement for binding and  excreting phosphate from the digestive system that results from nutrition.

With a phosphate binder the food`s phosphate can be bound in the digestive system which stops the body from  resorbing the phosphate. The bounded phosphate is excreted as part of the faeces.

A reduction if phosphate is recommended for pets suffering from renal insufficiency or show increased kidney values.

The phosphate binder can be used preventative when there are indications or suspicions of renal insufficiency as a cure (1-2 months).

Feeding recommendation (Daily value)

For every 5 kilo body weight add 1 gram (= 1 measuring spoon) to the pet’s food. Use twice a day.

If necessary, sprinkle dry food with some water.

It is recommended to consult a veterinarian


Lactose, calcium carbonate, poly glucosamin, soya protein

Analytical components

7 % crude protein, < 1 % crude fat and oil, 11 % crude ash, 4 % calcium, 0.04 %, 0.02 % potassium, 0.07 % sodium

Product information

Nutritional supplement for dogs and cats

Box of 90g and 270g

Store in a cool and dry location